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Carbon Project - The Software
Carbon Project
In this post I will show you with the simple steps how to update the firmware of your STM32F4DISCOVERY board. In the schematic we have the DFU stuff that is used to make the update too, but it will be...
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Introducing The Carbon project (for PS4)

Unlike PS3, the PS4 doesn't support controller connection through  USB interface, this interface is used only for controller pairing. So, for while the only solution is using the Dualshock 4.



Introducing DIABLO project (for PS3)

For those people that, like me can not play with the PS3 controller. This project has a very simple hardware, so anyone can build your own device.



Hello, welcome to SOFTFACTORY's website. Don't be surprised this is my personal page too. My website was forgotten for so long, but now i want to get it back. My very first intention is to share a project called " DIABLO". This project is about a device used to convert inputs like xbox controller, mouse, razer nostromo, logitech g13, PS3's navigation controller and keyboard to  PS3 controller standards, this mean that can play PS3 games using a keyboard and mouse (among others). Maybe I write about other things too... who knows.

Some people have asked about why i choose english as primary language to write these pages, well my only answer is: reach more readers. So if you felt uncomfortable with it, please use google translator above. 

I for sure, if you are native  in english and saw something wrong or strange, don't be shy drop me a line.  

My name is Marcos Mori de Siqueira and friends call me Mori for short. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



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